Teacher Challenge: Step 10


   Imagem: Oficina de Escrita

     What is at stake in this 10th challenge – allowing our students to connect with other students –  it’s the heart of an attitude, let us say, the heart of a way of life,  that finds a deep resonance in the inner horizon of our youth.

    In our country, the school year is about to start, so each one and all of us, teachers and educational workers in our school, are gathering and buzzing  to ultimate the last details for the great reception: kids are coming, youth is back again!

    The multiple meetings we went through in July have all been pierced by the watch word: “How to surprise our students?” In fact, the sense of urgency to keep our pace with the global movement of innovation that is transforming life in schools all over the world is deep rooted in our hearts and minds.

   In order to take some baby steps along this demanding path, small teams of teachers are organising different project works trying to cross multiple contents of the curriculum in a unified vision concerning some feature of the real world. At some moment along this process, the question to connect with other students will arise.

    For the moment, some of us have engaged in educational platforms, like Edmodo, its new partner Spiral or Socrative. Students will be invited to use their apps and easily connect to  create and share  learning experiences.  In some classes, the BYOD approach will be tried with students more than 13 years old.

    I love the suggestions Edublogs  gives us as the Twitter classroom account, the Student Blogging Challenge, the list of Class Blogs and the art of connecting classes through Skype.

    We could even stay in the comfort zone of our maternal language, as Portuguese is spoken in Brazil and Africa; we could make a step towards the Spanish speaking countries whose vocabulary and grammar are so similar to ours and where there are several private schools belonging to the same congregation.

    We could even dare a step more and merge into the international web language that English came to be, as our students are constantly in touch with it through their own digital devices, favourite video games  and daily reading routines.

    I wonder until where will we be able to go for the sake of actually “surprising our students?”

Ines P

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Teacher Challenge – Step 9A

     I’m still on the same step, trying to learn how to use Animoto. I subscribed for a month just to explore its possibilities.

    Meanwhile, I’m learning how to create interactive presentations and facilitate group work in Spiral, who is now totally compatible with Edmodo. Both platforms joined their forces to enhance students and teachers enthusiasm for working more creatively.

    And here is what I came up with my Animoto pro personal account: 



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Teacher Challenge – Step 9

  In Setp 9 I have to make an halt and start again, more carefully, at my own pace.
For today, just to be sure that I tried something beautiful and that I managed to created it and to embed it in my blog, I’m simply posting a 30 seconds video form Animoto about one of my favourite themes “Purposes of Writing”.

Purposes or Writing

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Teacher Challenge – Step 8



Imagem: Oficina de Escrita

     In Step 8, we are initiated in the art of embedding online tools. The advantages of posting articles with embeded tools are easy to grasp: it becomes attractive to engage students and to provide collaboration opportunities.

Audio Presentation Tools

     In our school, all along this year, Prof Carla, of Portuguese, has been gathering older students and special guests, once a month, to read Poems or Texts from different Portuguese authors. Since the initiative found success among students,  we are planning to record-alive and publish these sessions of Poetry and Reading in our Library Blog. So, I plan to follow the steps needed to embed these special moments called “Literary Scene” in Audacity which I downloaded in its new version in Portuguese.

     As for embedding Padlet, it didn’t work properly and although I received an e-mail form the support team, my new padlet kept saying it couldn´t be saved. There it goes:


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Teacher Challenge – 3


Imagem: Oficina de Escrita

      In Step 6, I’ve sort of created a model for a business card magnet, but I will change a few details whose translation in English is a bit difficult for me.

    On the card we can see the urls of both our writing workshop blog and our wiki where we collect resources for study and curricular subjects, as well as some links to student texts prior to 2014. At the moment I’m gathering a new collection of links to some very inspiring sites about innovation in schools.

    I’ve also created an e-mail signature in G-mail, adding the link to our workshop blog,  which I think will help parents and my own students to keep track more easily of posts published as well as to comment and make the blog come alive.

    Our school is planning to have a newsletter for the coming school year, so I hope to be allowed to add our blog url to it.

     I would love to learn how to create a QR code, but I’m sure some of my older students will teach me how to do it. I also appreciated the idea of getting the students to write a letter to their parents explaining what blogging is all about and, in our case, also how we will be using our writing workshop blog.

     Thanks to the Edublogs Challenge Team and the Blogging Teachers for their inspiration.

Ines P

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A Minha Casa de You Tuber

     U-Bahn Control Room

James P. Morse via Compfight

    Na minha casa de sonho, não só posso fazer vídeos como também conviver com os meus amigos e família. A minha casa não ia ser só minha, ia também partilhá-la com dois amigos meus, o Duarte F e o João M.

    No primeiro andar (não, não é o rés-do-chão) haveria os meus dois quartos e a minha casa de banho. O meu primeiro quarto iria ter um roupeiro elétrico, com imensas t-shirts costumizadas do meu canal de you tube, uma king size bed, uma televisão Samsung curved tv e um sítio para eu carregar o meu telemóvel e o meu tablet sem ter de usar fichas.

     O meu quarto de jogar e de editar vídeos teria uma secretária curva no canto do quarto, com um ecran triplo, umas colunas para ouvir música enquanto edito vídeos, uma PS4, uma Wiiu, um computador de jogos, um computador de pesquisa, um computador com um disco rígido gigante, um servidor e um programa de edição de vídeos.

Duarte P (2015)

(Atualmente no Colégio dos Plátanos)

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Why I Like Technology

   Blue vivid image of globe and space tin can

Creative Commons License Patrick Bombaert via Compfight

     I like technology because nowadays technology is making people more connected and if I want to talk to my father, who lives in Brazil, I can just skype him and have the opportunity to see his face.

      And if I want to play a game on my iPad,  I can download it and in one minute I will be playing the game, thanks to the very fast internet connection that people can have in their houses and basically be connected to the whole world, just with a little router.

Duarte P, 8C

(Atualmente no Colégio dos Plátanos)

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