Teacher Challenge – 3


Imagem: Oficina de Escrita

      In Step 6, I’ve sort of created a model for a business card magnet, but I will change a few details whose translation in English is a bit difficult for me.

    On the card we can see the urls of both our writing workshop blog and our wiki where we collect resources for study and curricular subjects, as well as some links to student texts prior to 2014. At the moment I’m gathering a new collection of links to some very inspiring sites about innovation in schools.

    I’ve also created an e-mail signature in G-mail, adding the link to our workshop blog,  which I think will help parents and my own students to keep track more easily of posts published as well as to comment and make the blog come alive.

    Our school is planning to have a newsletter for the coming school year, so I hope to be allowed to add our blog url to it.

     I would love to learn how to create a QR code, but I’m sure some of my older students will teach me how to do it. I also appreciated the idea of getting the students to write a letter to their parents explaining what blogging is all about and, in our case, also how we will be using our writing workshop blog.

     Thanks to the Edublogs Challenge Team and the Blogging Teachers for their inspiration.

Ines P

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