Rhythmic Gymnastics, My Passion


Imagem: Oferecida à Oficina


     My name is Madalena. I love rhythmic gym. I practice for a year and two months.

    My teacher is Carla Roque and we are about fifty girls between five and sixteen years old. We are a great team!

     We practice twice a week for about an hour in our school gymnasium.

     My favourite exercises are when we dance or when we make steps on pairs.

    We may dance with a hoop,(o arco) a ball, a pair of clubs (duas maças) or a  ribbon (uma fita). We throw them in the air while we make leaps (saltos), turns (voltas) or acrobatic manoeuvres.

    Rhythmic Gym is a mix of Ballet and Sport: it is very elegant and dangerous at the same time.

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Madalena C, 6A