About a Nasa Testing Air-Bag Jacket


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Image: Courtesy from Nasa 

     – Hello. Can I help you?

     – Yes, please. I would like to have an air bag jacket.

    – For what purpose, Sir?

     We have a lot of different air bag jackets: is it for precaution, if you fall from your horse? Or you are planning to go in a vacation to the snow?

     – I’m taking part in a no gravity Nasa Test.

     – Oh, how wonderful, Sir. And what’s your size, please?

     – A medium large will fit.

     – Do you have a colour preference?

     – Yes, I’d rather have a golden one.

     – I’m really Sorry, Sir, but we don’t have any golden Nasa testing air-bag jacket. I think we have a green one, with purple strips, Sir.

     – Can I see it, please? And can you bring along a pair of matching gliding boots?

     – OH YES, SURE! I I think I’ve seen one on the top of the impossible orders stand.

     Behind the mirror, there is a secret fitting room just for Nasa workers.

     – It fits perfectly! How much is it?

     – Two thousand million dollars. Do you have our costumer card, Sir?

     – Yes, sure!  

     – Well, it’s your lucky day! You are our 2 thousand million customer today! You can take it for free!

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