Fairies and Trolls

     La piscine des fées

Christophe Maclaren via Compfight

     Once upon a time, fairies, trolls and other magical creatures lived in the world we live today. The world was prfect, it was nature and magic all over it. That is… if you leave out the trolls.

     Fairies were a very kind species of magical criatures, I mean… who weren’t… If…again you  leave out the trolls …

     As you probably already understood, the trolls weren’t very famous among the rest of the magical creatures and you gotta understand why: they were ugly, they smelt bad and even if the other creatures invited them to parties, wanted  to be   with them, they would never even show a smile, basically, no matter how they were treated, they would always be sad.

Rodrigo L 8B

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