The Hunter and the Rabbit

The cliche of the rabbit and his carrotCreative Commons License Luis Alejandro Bernal Romero via Compfight

     Rick was a simple hunter. He didn’t do much, besides go out from day to day to hunt a rabbit or a bird for his lunch; he would also make bread for breakfast and take care of his plots of tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and other vegetables that he would use for dinner. He didn’t have TV, hot water, electricity or any of those things that most of us take for granted.

    He had build a house out of logs he had cut with the axe he hunted with. He was an “Axe Master”. He was capable of hitting a moving bird with it. Besides hunting and taking care of his plots, he, sometimes, would go for swimming in a lake nearby. He was alone everyday.

     One day, when he was having dinner, near the lake, a little rabbit showed up; Rick thought about if wether or not he should kill it for next day’s lunch. He decided not to and, instead, gave him half a carrot. He laught at the bunny eating the carrot, due to its cuteness.

Rodrigo L, 8B