The Revolution

Halo: Reach | Lone WolfCreative Commons License Joshua | Ezzell via Compfight

      In 2036, the Halgy Army started buying weapons and military equipment from the Tall Gys or the “Gorks” as we call them. The reason why this was happening was because the Gorks were years ahead of us on that subject. They had equipment that no other country had and we wanted that same military power. We started paying they started delivering, everything was going fine until that one day…

     In a matter of minutes, we watched all that equipment shut down like if someone just pressed an off switch. The next day, the Gorks invaded the whole conuntry and on that same day we surrended. The Gorks started to build outposts in checkpoints all over the country, started making new rules, the whole country was now in what seemed to be a nightmare.

     6 months have past since the invasion; a rebel’s group created by Ryan Stintson was starting to get noticed by the Gorks. This group was launching assaults against outposts. They weree slowly starting to get the people’s attention.

     2 Years Later The rebel group was now stronger than ever, they have taken down every single outpost. All that was left to do was conquer the American Military bases the Gorks were using as main outposts plus the ones the Gorks had built.

     Everything was set up, it was time to strike…

Rodrigo L, 9B