Teacher Challenge – 2


Imagem: Oficina de Escrita

     In Step 4 of the Challenge, Teachers are asked to reflect upon quality commenting skills: what are they, why to practice them, how to share them with our students, helping them to improve their literacy and communication skills.

    Among several activities, I chose to create a comment guideline poster whose translation is as following:

  • Greet the Author, highlight something positive.
  • Write about the post’s subject: by adding information, building upon its line of thought, sharing a counter-argument to it.
  • Conclude with a question that enables to go on with the conversation.
  • Revise your grammatical correction; use the translation widget to communicate in a foreign language; preview before publishing.
  • Do not give any personal information.

    I’m looking forward to welcoming my students again: some of them will surely enjoy this new challenge to participate in the blog activities as authors.

    I also found out that the several steps we are invited to go trough along the Teacher Challenge are so rich of complex information that we should perhaps take it more often and at a slow pace.

Ines P