The World Needs Bacon


Imagem: DFTBA

     Tuesday, 15th of May 2016, in the White House, the Ebola apocalypse is going to end.

The President  speaks to himself-:

     –  Today is one more day trying to find out the cure for Ebola. – The president turns on the TV.

TV : “Today we all must buy the medicine that cures Ebola …”

 The President reacts:

      – What! But that was my job!

TV: “I introduce you to Bacon-Bot33”.

Bacon-Bot 33 sings cheerfully:

      –  Rub some bacon on it!

(21st May 2016 at UN)

UN’s President says:

     -Today, we are fighting to end Ebola, killing a lot of pigs to do bacon, but there’s still a problem: Africa!!!! (Tam Tam Tam) Yes, the place where Ebola started is the last being cured, so we’re all going to get money to buy Bacon-Bots to send bacon supplies and BLTs: Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches


30th May 2016, somewhere in the middle of the desert of Sahara

A Chinese guy said:

–          (something in Chinese) bacon (something in Chinese) bacon (something in Chinese) bacon. 

The President says slowly:

   – Can you speak English?

Chinese guy answers, angry like a lion:

     – No I can’t Mr. President. I spent 5 years of my life In an American College and I don’t know how to speak English … when someone says that Chinese are intelligent it’s because they aren’t, isn’t it ?!

The President, feeling embarrassed:

  – Sorry, did I sound racist ?

Chinese guy, calmer:

     – Yes, but do you want to know what I said first?

The President:

     -Yes, I’m dying to know.

Chinese Guy:

     – I want to thank you for giving bacon to Africa, because the world is all healthy and free from Ebola, because you were the one giving more bacon, giving enough money to buy one thousand tons of bacon!

Duarte P, 7C