Edublogs Teacher Challenge – 1


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   I have engaged in this Teacher Challenge during  summer holidays, for several reasons; however, each one of them –  as the fact that I would like to “refresh” about web educational tools or the fact that I miss to connect  with other teachers and students  for the pleasure of sharing learning experiences – is linked to a powerful  source of motivation: my school is slowly but firmly approaching a new turning point in its history.

    Actually, there is an engaged team struggling to lead the whole educational  project and community to enter the path of innovation. That means that learning could take its right position in the centre of the process and students could be given the voice to articulate their own life project in the adventure of mutual collaboration that links knowledge to the real world .

    Right now we are following the evolution of Horitzó 2020, where  eight Jesuit schools in Barcelona are achieving a major paradigm shift on the learning process. We also translated the new Horizon Report K-12 2016– preview and several topics from Visual Learning, specially “Teach the Teacher”.

   So, I hope that our students will be empowered in order to lead their own educational quest and, in this process, they will be present online again.

Ines P

O Gato Frederico

Wanna be your friend !

Rinaldo R via Compfight

     O Gato Frederico tinha muitos amigos.

     Certo dia, Frederico estava a brincar com um dos seus amigos, que era um ratinho pequenino e, sem querer empurrou-o, mas aproveitou e comeu-o, pois ficou com a impressão que ele lhe tinha saltado para dentro da boca.

    O Frederico, ao reconhecer o disparate que tinha feito, começou a chorar…. O João ouviu-o a chorar e perguntou o que se passara, mas Frederico pensava que João era má pessoa e nunca tinha ido com a cara dele.

     Passado algum tempo, Frederico perdera todos os seus amigos, por ter comido o Titio…
     Frederico pensava na sua vida, no parque; o João ia a passar e viu-o sentado. Decidiu dizer-lhe que o amigo Titio estava vivo e que se ele abrisse a porta, os seus amigos estariam todos ali.

    Isto quer dizer que não podemos julgar os outros.

                                                                                                       Carolina F, 6C